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Ryobi IVSRYOBI Ink Volume Setter uses PostScript data created on Macintosh computers to calculate the image area ratio for each ink fountain key on a RYOBI printing press, while RYOBI Ink Volume Setter-CIP4(PPF) uses CIP3/CIP4(PPF) files created with CIP3/CIP4(PPF)-compatible software on a PostScript RIP. The calculated data is loaded via a 3.5-inch floppy disk or through a network into a RYOBI Printing Control System connected to a RYOBI printing press. The system then converts the data into the opening degree of each ink fountain key.

Ink Volume Setter can calculate image area ratio not only from prepress data containing process colors (C, M, Y, K), but also from prepress data containing custom colors (spot colors).

Image area ratio is calculated directly from digital prepress data, which means data is obtained more quickly and accurately. In addition, color adjustments required at the start of printing are minimized, thus reducing spoiled sheets prior to production printing.

Image area ratio for each printing unit is displayed in a graph, allowing operators to easily check the data. (Ink Volume Setter only)

All necessary data, including the printing start position, and the number and the width of ink fountain keys on each compatible RYOBI press, are all input in advance. The operator needs only to specify the type of press being used on the selection screen to get ink volume calculation data.

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